There are over 35 different activities, games & stations!

There's so much to do and see!  Visit with the Freedoms Fighters and Colonial Artisans. Is it possible to learn about the Constitution while having fun? Come find out

Joan of Arc - What does she have to do with America?

Mayflower                       Governor Bradford        

Running Bear                 Columbus                                  

Founding Fathers & Founding Mothers

George Washington          Mercy Otis Warren          

Thomas Jefferson              Lydia Barrington Darragh              Isaiah Thomas & printing press

Benjamin Franklin             James Madison                               Emily Geiger                     Betty Zane       

Nancy Hart        


Printer         Cooper           Chandler               Blacksmith

Cannon Firings                    Running Bear                               Art Gallery                            Forms of Government                     Preamble Games                 Veterans

Articles of Constitution       Bill of Rights


Fri Sept 20 6:30pm 

Give Me Liberty Musical

Thurs Sept 19 7:30pm 

NSL Superbowl star BURGESS OWENS & speaker extraordinaire!

Fri Sept 20 7:30pm 

Professor Gove Allen inspiring & amazing speaker! 

Sat Sept 21 9am - 

Breakfast with the Founders!

Come have a delicious Colonial Breakfast and visit with Founding Fathers, Mothers and Colonial Artisans!

While you are enjoying your breakfast you will also be treated to the winners of the Speech & Writing Contests and enjoy viewing the winning art!

This is fun way to help us fund Freedom's Light.

Bring your family, neighbors, friends and even your enemies! 

Enjoy the inspiring & patriotic art of renowned artist AnneMarie Oborn, along with the art submitted by the contestants of all categories.  


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 info@FreedomsLight.US or 801-330-0303

There is something for everyone!

Youth Groups


We love Youth Groups. This is the perfect opportunity to bring your group and enjoy our interactive experience, hands on learning, American Heroes and much more!

BEST OF ALL...... IT's FREE!!!!!!!

School Field Trips

Schedule your field trip NOW!
 This fun and interactive field trip makes learning about our Founders


Schedule your field trip NOW!

This fun and interactive field trip makes learning about our Founders & the Constitution fun and interesting!  It fulfills the Federal requirement to teach the Constitution.   Call, e-mail or fill out the form below to schedule your 


Schedule Your filed trip now!


Schedule your field trip now!

 Join the Festival to help your scouts gain a deeper appreciation of how our government works! This festival will help fulfill most of the requirements for  Citizenship in the Nation & Citizenship in the Community merit badges. 




This is the perfect opportunity to bring your family to learn about our founding fathers where the activities cater to all ages!

Constitution Bee


2020 Freedom's Light Constitution Bee coming up in April!
Join us for fun, cash, prizes, trophies & best of all ~ amazing knowledge! 

Call 801-330-0303 to get more info.



We need good people to make this happen and we are accepting applications for all aspects of our 2019 celebration.    Please fill out the form below and include your phone number and the times you are available.  

Freedom's Light Festival is FREE to everyone! Your donation in any amount is appreciated!

Your contributions will ALL go to help fund the event!  Everyone is a volunteer!  No one receives any compensation.

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