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Freedom's Light Festival! Over 35 different activities!

There's so much to do and see!  Visit with the Freedom Fighters and Colonial Artisans. Is it possible to learn about the Constitution while having fun? Come find out!

There is something for everyone!

Youth Groups

School Field Trips

School Field Trips


We love Youth Groups. This is the perfect opportunity to bring your group and enjoy our interactive experience, hands on learning, American Heroes and much more!

BEST OF ALL...... IT's FREE!!!!!!!

School Field Trips

School Field Trips

School Field Trips

Schedule your field trip NOW!
 This fun and interactive field trip makes learning about our Founders


Schedule your field trip NOW!

This fun and interactive field trip makes learning about our Founders & the Constitution fun and interesting!  It fulfills the Federal requirement to teach the Constitution.   Call, e-mail or fill out the form below to schedule your 



School Field Trips


Schedule your field trip now!

 Join the Festival to help your scouts gain a deeper appreciation of how our government works! This festival will help fulfill most of the requirements for  Citizenship in the Nation & Citizenship in the Community merit badges. 



Constitution Bee



This is the perfect opportunity to bring your family to learn about our founding fathers where the activities cater to all ages!

Constitution Bee

Constitution Bee

Constitution Bee


2020 Freedom's Light Constitution Bee coming up in April!
Join us for fun, cash, prizes, trophies & best of all ~ amazing knowledge! 

Call 801-330-0303 to get more info.


Constitution Bee

Constitution Bee


We need good people to make this happen and we are accepting applications for all aspects of our 2019 celebration.    Please fill out the form below and include your phone number and the times you are available.  

Freedom's Light Festival is FREE to everyone! Your donation in any amount is appreciated!

Your contributions will ALL go to help fund the event!  Everyone is a volunteer!  No one receives any compensation.

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Registation Form

Files coming soon.

Constitution Bowl

The Event

The Event

The Event


The Constitution Bee lasts approximately three hours, depending on how many teams participate. We request teams stay to the end and enjoy the other competitions as well as the awards ceremony and the inspiring and insightful words of our Constitutional guest.

Students are encouraged to dress for success! They should dress for this special event in a way that reflects the respect and reverence the subject matter deserves.

Parents are welcome to attend the event and support their students and school teams.
Students should leave all mobile phones at home, in the car, or with your mentor. Mentors and teachers should confirm students do not have phones on them at the event.

Ribbons are awarded to participants that place 5th to 1st place and trophies to 3rd to 1st place teams and medals are awarded to the teams that place 4th and 5th place.


The Event

The Event

 All schools and all students in the Utah state are invited to participate.

Students from any grade may participate, and teams may be a mix of students of any grade.

 Students should be organized in teams consisting of four to six students; a team of five to six students is optimal to avoid last-minute forfeits if students get sick or have an emergency. Schools may have multiple teams participate.

All teams will play on the bowl of the oldest team mate. If there is a high school student on a team it is a High school team.
Teams compete against teams from other schools. If a school registers more than one team, they will likely compete against each other.
All teams can play with as few as 4 members and as many as 6 team members. If a team member cannot attend, the team can still compete as long as they have 4 members. 

Additional students and teams may recruit a new member at the last minute to avoid forfeiture. 

Tournament Play

Tournament Play

Tournament Play


Questions are read by a moderator. Each round consists of about 20 questions, which are chosen randomly from the bank of questions available.
There will be 4 people from each team competing at a time. The first half of the questions will be between one member of each team and the other half will be “toss up” team questions that can be discussed between team mates.
There is a buzzer system at each table with one team on each side of the table. In the first half, one on one, the first to buzz in gets to answer the question. Only the person that buzzes in can answer the question. If the participant gets it right, they get the points. If they get it wrong, the person straight across on the other team gets a chance to answer.
They will each have 2 questions to answer and then it will rotate to the next member of each team.

The second half will be a toss up for the entire team against the other team. The first person to buzz in gets to answer the question and they can confer with their team on the answer.
The person who buzzes in needs to give the answer to the questions.
The moderator will stop asking the question as soon as the first buzzer lights up.

If you get the answer correct, you get 10 points. If you get it more than half right, you will get 5 points. If you give extra info that is correct, you can get additional points up to 5 points, or up to 15 points total.


Tournament Play

Tournament Play

 If a team buzzes in and gets the answer incorrect, the other team has the opportunity to answer the question. This is important. If you want the question repeated, you must ask the moderator to please repeat the question. This only applies if the first one to buzz in gets it wrong. The moderator will only repeat the question if they are asked.
As is so clearly stated in the First Amendment, the Constitution protects our right to redress. We do too. If you give an answer in your own words and the moderator rules that it is incorrect, you have the ability to ask for redress. You must ask for redress immediately. You must do it before the moderator moves on to another question. Repeat your answer and the moderator will write it down and ask for the final judge to rule on it.

All of our judges are amazing people and are all volunteers. They are not being paid and are giving of their time and resources so please be respectful and know they are doing their best.
I am sure there will be no problems, but if anyone is caught cheating the team will be eliminated. 

More Bowl Info



Students may study independently and/or as groups or classes.
Students and teachers should use the current Constitution Bee Study Guide to prepare for the bee as all questions asked at the bee are derived from this guide. 


 Please register your team as soon as possible so we can prepare for everyone. 

Check In

 Please check in your TEAM upon arrival. We do not need individuals to check in. 



The actual questions asked at the bee are not provided to teachers or students in advance.
The bee does not focus on memorization of exact questions and answers; instead, it focuses on mastery of content about the Constitution. Students should provide answers in their own words, the accuracy of which is determined by moderators and the bee judge.
Judging and disputes
The bee does not focus on memorization of exact questions and answers; instead, it focuses on mastery of content about the Constitution. Students should provide answers in their own words and demonstrate understanding of the material, the accuracy of which is determined by moderators and the bee judge.
If the moderator is unsure if an answer is correct or would like a second opinion about an answer, he or she consults with the bee judge to discuss the answer and determine accuracy. The decision of the bee judge is final.


 Teams are awarded from 5 to 15 points per question answered correctly. The team with the most points at the end of each round is declared the winner of that round, and the winning and losing teams advance in the tournament accordingly.
If the score is tied at the end of the initial questions, 5 additional questions are asked. In this tie-breaking round, each set of two students is asked only one question before moving to the end of the line. 


 It is so easy to confuse Articles and Amendments when in the heat of the competition so pay close attention to whether the question is about an Article; there are 7, or an Amendment; there are 27! 


Invite your school to Schedule a field trip!


Email or text the following info:

  • School name
  • Contact Name & Number
  • Number of Attendees
  • Requested time of arrival

 info@FreedomsLight.US or 801-330-0303


Menu/Price list


Hamburgers & Hot dogs Combos

Hamburger   3.

Hamburger Combo    4.

Hamburger with drink and chips

Hot dog   2.

Hot dog combo   3

Hot dog with drink and chips

Navajo Tacos and Navajo Salads

Navajo Tacos   5.

Scone with ground beef, beans, cheese, sour cream & salsa. 

Navajo Salad   5.

Lettuce with ground beef, beans, cheese, sour cream & salsa

Snacks & Such

Chips  1.

Drinks  1.

Cookies  1.

Scones  2.

Hot scone with honey butter