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There are 35 different activities, games, Founding Fathers & Founding  Mothers to visit, see and experience. It is all about liberty so you get to go from one to the other at your will.  

Each station lasts 15 minutes or less so it takes about 4 hours to see everything.  

Get yourself snacks or a drink or get lunch & dinner at the food booth. 


Artisans                          Cannon firing

Mayflower                       Running Bear

Founding Fathers          Founding Mothers 

Art Gallery                      Forms of Government 

Preamble Games           Articles of the Constitution 

Veterans                         Food booth

Field trips are scheduled from 9am to 3pm. 

Freedom's Light Festival is FREE! Check out the schedule for times of cannon firings, stage show and special events. 

Keynote speaker BURGESS OWENS & PROFESSOR GOVE ALLEN. Be sure to save time for the musical

Questions?  Call 801-330-0303

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Experience Games & Activities

 There are several games &  activities to make learning about the Constitution fun & meaningful! 


Meet Colonial Artisans


Participate with artisans and learn what Colonial life was really like. Would you like to live that way? Do you want to print a paper or founding document on the exact replica Isaiah Thomas printed the first Declaration of Independence?

Want to make a real candle?  It costs $1.00 each i you want to keep it.  Learn how to make a wooden bucket with your hands that does not leak! And so much more! 


Meet the original Freedom Fighters!

 Meet many of those who risked all for liberty from Joan of Arc, Columbus,  Governor Bradford, George Washington, Lydia Darragh, Benjamin Franklin, Emily Geiger,  Betty Zane, and so many more! 

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